Please email with any questions.
Where does the booked interview happen?
The interview happens on our portal at  After you book an interview, on the day of your interview, you can enter the classroom one hour before the interview to test your equipment before it starts. Make sure you test your equipment beforehand, as we are also evaluating your equipment to see if your internet connection is able to maintain a 30-min smooth connection with a server in China.
Why is the interview and demo so important?
The interview is very important as it, along with your qualifications, decides whether or not you will be accepted to work with VIPKID and it will determine your base service fee (payment).
What do I need to display in the demo lesson?
You will need to display how well you are able to explain activities to a foundation level student, how you are able to elicit complete answers from the student, your ESL teaching skills and your time management. Also, be prepared for the slides as it is very obvious if you never looked at them and could result in failing the application process in some cases.
There are no interview slots available. What should I do?
Interview time slots are shown for the next 3 days. If you are not available to interview in the times shown, you can 1) choose Method 2 and record an interview or, 2) come back to the portal 3 days before your desired date to book an interview.
How do I interview at VIPKID?

There are two methods to interview with us. You can:

-Book an interview: Pick a timeslot from the calendar shown on the interview page. Join us for a 30-min session where you showcase your teaching skills to a VIPKID recruiter.

-Record an interview: Record your demo lesson at your own time so that a VIPKID recruiter can evaluate you. Instructions on how to record your interview can be found on the interview page.

What will I be evaluated on?
Please take a look at our Applicant Performance Indicators, which highlight all areas that our candidates will be evaluated on when they interview at VIPKID.
What are must-dos to be successful at the VIPKID interview?

-Practice the demo lesson PPTs.

-Take a look at our Applicant Performance Indicators so you know what we are looking for in candidates.

-Teach from a place with good background and lighting.

-Good Internet connection.