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An innovative thought leader in research-based best practices in online education
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Our Aspirations
We have an expansive community of teachers and learners on our platform, engaging daily in online learning interactions at an unprecedented scale. For both our community and the broader industry, we seek to understand the complexity of learning and teaching online, establish academic standards, and solve real-world problems for the future of education.
What We Do
We lead the field in online education with research-based best practices.
Nascent Research
We drive industry-level research on educational technology topics such as learning efficacy and personalized learning.
Curriculum and Assessment
We develop curricula and assessments for a diverse suite of educational products and programs. We conduct research to support our development of engaging, pedagogically sound educational products.
World-Class Partnerships
We collaborate to form global strategic partnerships across academia, education, and technology on research and product development.
Research-Informed Communication
We support teachers by providing research-informed suggestions for online language teaching. We support parents by providing information about language learning theories that will improve their students’ online learning experiences.
Who We Are
An innovative thought leader in research-based best practices in online education
Recent Publications
Assessment and Research
Placement test
A first in the field of English foreign language online tutoring, VIPKid’s computerized adaptive test caters to a student’s English knowledge and provides a personalized testing experience and placement into the appropriate Major Course curriculum level.
A joint study with Educational Testing Service (ETS) evaluated the appropriateness of using the TOEFL PrimaryⓇ tests to evaluate the language abilities of VIPKid Major Course students.
Public Speaking
VIPKid Public Speaking is a featured course designed to help students become skilled and confident speakers. This course includes three levels, with each level dedicated to a specific speech type: narrative, informative, and persuasive.
VIPKid Story Time
“Once upon a time….” These magic words open up a fascinating world to children, for anything is possible in stories. Children love stories because they are motivated to discover and use their imagination. To appeal to children’s needs, VIPKid Curriculum designed VIPKid Story Time. It create a rich and meaningful context for children to learn English.
TOEFL Primary Test Prep
This course prepares students for the TOEFL Primary Test. In addition to its TOEFL Primary focus, the course helps develop test-taking skills that transfer to a wide variety of testing situations.
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In the News
VRI in the News
VIPKid and ETS Publish Results of Alignment Study Between Major Course Curriculum and the TOEFL Primary® Tests
Research findings demonstrate an increase in English language proficiency across VIPKid Major Course levels as measured by TOEFL Primary® tests. Click here for the press release and here for the full report.
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VIPKid Honor Roll: Research Institute
To win the hearts and minds of students today and tomorrow, Dr. Jun Liu (Professor Liu) and Dr. Xiaoqiu Xu share how empathy for language learning, a passion for innovation, and being a teacher at heart are key drivers to crafting online education lessons. Click here for the full interview.
VIPKid’s 7th Journey Conference Celebrates “Joy Through A Screen”
Dr. Jun Liu, VIPKid’s chief academic officer and founding Honorarium President of VIPKid Research Institute shared insights from his new book, Teaching English Online to Young Learners: 100 FAQs, during his keynote address. Click here for the full report.
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