VIPKid Research Institute
A leading thought engine in powering research-based best practices in online education
Research Institute | VIPKid
Our Aspirations
We have an expansive community of teachers and learners on our platform, engaging daily in online learning interactions at an unprecedented scale. For both our community and the broader industry, we seek to understand the complexity of learning and teaching online, establish academic standards, and solve real-world problems for the future of education.
What We Do
Frontline Research
We drive industry-level examination on frontline topics such as learning efficacy and personalized learning.
Curriculum and Assessment
We conduct research to support curricula and assessment development for our educational products.
World-Class Partnerships
We collaborate with world-class strategic partners across academia, education, and technology on research and product development.
Research-Informed Communication
We enhance research-informed communication between parents and teachers.
Who We Are
Our team consists of distinguished scholars, research scientists, curriculum & assessment experts.
Contact Us
If you're interested in partnering with VIPKid Research Institute, please email us at