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One Global Classroom for All
We make education more accessible by connecting students and teachers around the world.
What is VIPKid
VIPKid is an online education company that connects students and teachers globally through one-to-one personalized English language classes.

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Teach Every Child
Our one-on-one English classes mean more learning (awesome) and less distraction (also awesome). We believe geography should not determine whether a child has the chance to learn and with our platform you can do it from anywhere at an affordable price.
Enable Every Teacher
We pride ourselves in finding educators in the U.S and Canada who are knowledgeable, passionate, and ready to make an impact. We provide the curriculum, and they teach on their own schedule.
We Make Cross-Cultural Connections Like Never Before
Our innovative platform enables an unprecedented exchange of knowledge. Fluent English-speaking educators connect with students around the world to provide them with a learning and cultural experience as they become global citizens (in pint-sized form).
I envision a global classroom where every child feels truly connected to their education. This is the classroom I wish I had as a child.
Cindy Mi
CEO and Founder
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